10 Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer

Why should you date an Engineer? Here is why:

#1 You will experience a new type of flirting.

#2 Nothing would be broken around the house.

#3 Like staying up late at night? No problem, Engineers are good at pulling all-nighters.

#4 They are very good at planning. You can simply relax and wait for the next vacation with him. It will be well-planned.



#5 Conflicts will be handled in a calm and logical manner. Thanks to college.

reasons why date an engineer

#6 You will finally learn what all those calculator buttons are for.


#7 No need to worry about other women in his office. There would hardly be any.

#8 Paying attention to details is not your thing? No problem, leave it up to him.

#9 They are made for long-term relationships. Four years (or more) of engineering was not possible without a commitment you know.


#10 Your parents will approve 🙂

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  • Khantutta-Kim Tremblay-Parrado

    I didn’t know the term engineer was inherently male. Clicked on the link if as female engineer would have any of these qualities….

  • Cell

    i’m an engineer and i can confirm most of this is bullshit
    1. i can’t flirt like that.
    2. i’m too lazy to fix broken stuff.
    3. i never stay up all night i’d rather get the job half done.
    4. i suck at planning, i do everything at the last possible minute.
    5. i ignore conflicts entirely, since it’s easier that way.
    6. other than + – / * sin cos tan sqrt i have no idea what the rest of the buttons actually do.
    7. true
    8. paying attention to details?! bitch please, we’re engineers not architects, there’s no point in caring about details if no one’s gonna notice them.
    9. true.
    10. true

    • Nat

      Don’t embarrass yourself…

    • Michael Russell

      How did you go through college and still not know what the buttons on your calculator do.

    • lkj

      you’re probably terrible at your job

      • Nikola Malešević

        I doubt he has a job.

    • Richard

      that is because you´re not a Telco engineer

    • Karlhans

      I fix my own computer with a old PSU. it only was bad fan. then I attach a good fan to old PSU. 😀 I save that money. Planing is better give you advantage 😀

  • bneuson

    #1 – sin(1)≠(π/2)

    • Louis-Philippe Corriveau

      Not but Sin(pi/2) =1 (in rad, not deg)

  • Cell


    • vandalii

      Heh, what you described sounded like my civil engineering compatriots in school — get a gov’t job, never have to worry about actually working again. 😉

  • some engineer

    I’m an engineer:

    1- What does “flirting” means?
    2- I cannot fix anything if there’s not an equation involved… meaning I cannot fix anything useful
    3- False, unless it means programming or calculating something due tomorrow morning
    4- Planning anything interesting in life is so full of random scenarios that I end up preferring to stay at home playing videogames, which follow understandable and rational laws
    5- Conflicts will be handled in an extremely obtuse, raged and logical manner, thanks to college
    6- I rather not comment on a date asking me on how a calculator is used..
    7- True
    8- True, although I will ignore any non functional details… In fact, I still don’t understand why I have to wear clothes in public on a hot day
    9- True (although, what does “relationship” mean?)
    10- True

  • Chelsea Dawn Griffiths

    Yes that is all we do…

  • Baś Zarzecka

    completely bull*hit

  • ibap

    Oh, wait – all the comments that say these aren’t really true? But they are largely true of the FEMALE engineers I know.