A male engineer writes a controversial letter explaining why Women are not equal to Men

Jared Mauldin, Senior in Mechanical Engineering wrote the letter listed below explaining why women are not equal to men. Commenting on gender inequality almost always results into receiving mixed responses and this letter was no exception.


Some are saying kudos to him for his courage while some are saying he should appreciate the extent to which women have to go in order to succeed and compete with men. What are your views? Please leave a comment below

  • Edgar Sarabia

    I recently graduated from an engineering program, after reading this i tought “Aren´t those the same issues a man have when he tries to do something that is not manly?” let´s say fashion design or something like that.

    • Alexandra Miaku Zour

      it is not women who snob men in “not manly” professions, it is once again, other men.

      • 87books

        Right, as if for some reason women are only influenced by society’s standards for themselves and men for theirs: women will judge women, men will judge men. I call BS.

        Just look at your statement. “Once again,” men are looked on as the wrongdoers, and women as the innocents. Apparently women do snob men for, well, being men.

        • Nick

          There are lots of PJ Boys who are more than happy to look on men as the villain. Oh well, when the culture has turned off men from these jobs entirely, Islam will be happy to reintroduce real sexism.

  • Florus

    I disagree with this text. What Jared Mauldin describes has nothing to do with gender inequality and more with gender images and social inequality.

    Can a woman function in Mechanical Engineering sure. Will people listen to her, yes but she has to proof her self. Same as every newbie in that sector. In tech she might have a harder time but she will be excepted.

    If a male is in front of a kindergarten how many of you would accept this? of would you guys think he is a predictor?

    I am not in tech for the reason there are no woman, i am in it because i like it. I do not mind i have to work with woman or man, both have different views on problem and that helps in solving them. I do not have time for this “inequality”bull crap.

    Ether handle it of get the f*ck out and let someone else do your job.

  • Informant

    Florus: Gender Inequality is a part of Social Inequality. Those gender images you are talking about are what maintains Gender Inequality. For example, men are expected to behave, say, like engineers, and women are expected to behave, say no engineers. Then that serves to establish an inequality such that engineering is a male profession and that females don’t belong in this profession. That is gender inequality.

    To Other Comments: I see comments about whether men or women causing gender inequality. Truth be told, both men and women are actors in creating and maintaining gender inequality.

  • Frank Frankington

    Thank god for this white knight.

  • Nick

    He was convinced that he was a sexist however. In that, they probably both share something in common.

    Pitiful. Why doesn’t he just ask for her number?