Sereneti Kitchen – A robot that cooks for you

Sereneti Kitchen is a startup company that creates a robot that can cook for you, really. It was launched earlier this year in Las Vegas but at the time, the compar. Imagine going to work and never having to worry about what yny didn’t have much to show for. It had a very good idea howeveou’re going to eat for lunch because Sereneti Kitchen has you covered.

The name of the machine is Cooki and the way it works is very simple. You put the ingredients into the machine and choose from a number of recipes from your Smartphone. The robot cooks your food and once it’s done, you can enjoy your meal.

This was the main idea, a machine that could prepare meals for people that cannot afford to cook and also want something healthy. They initially wanted to target the mass market when they launched but it seems like they have made alterations to their business model at this point.

Sereneti kitchen robot that cook for you

The CEO, Timothy Chen, said that Sereneti Kitchen will be targeting places like offices to sell their product. Considering the size and potential price of the robot, perhaps they figured that the mass market could not afford it.

When the product was initially launched, the machine could only perform one movement, which is stirring. And when it was showcased on a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, it performed poorly. This might have been because the machine didn’t show a lot of features that would warrant the amount of money they were looking for.

There is good news this time, as Alex Wilhelm from TechCrunch pointed out when he went to visit the Sereneti Kitchen team at Disrupt SF 2015. This happened sometime last week. The team have now improved the product and with it new robotic arm, it can perform various movements within the pot. This new upgrade allows it to now become flexible in adjusting to different recipes.

It looks like Sereneti Kitchen is heading in the right direction so far. But having already spent $150,000 as of January this year on Research and Development, people are curious to know when the product will be ready and how much it is going to cost. Such information is not yet available.

Here is a short video that shows how Cooki makes scrambles eggs.