Programmer Automates Everything That Requires More Than 90 Seconds Of His Time

Computer science has always been a fun part of engineering. It basically consist of people who are willing to find shortcuts in everything they can get there hands on. These programmers convert everything they do into scripts so they don’t have to repeat the same process again and again. From a simple calculation to a complex problem everything has a script designed by the programmers to make there work easy and fast.


Github a website that hosts all kinds of software that programmers want to share with each other saw the most hilarious project that it has every came through. It was shared by a programmer named Nihad Abbasov, known as “Narkoz” on GitHub who adds that the scripts came from one of his coworkers who left for another company, the kind of guy that if anything that requires more than 90 seconds of his time, he writes a script to automate that. After the guy lest for his new job, his former co-worker where going through his work (“Legacy”) and found all sorts of scripts that automates all sorts of crazy things, including parts of his job, his relation, and making coffee.

In one such script the guy wrote a program that sends a text message “late at work” to his wife and automatically picks reasons from a preset list. It sent this text if there was any activity with his login on the company’s computer servers after 9 p.m.

He wrote another script relating to a customer he didn’t like, that scans his inbox for any emails from the customer that uses the words like “help,” “trouble” or “sorry” and it automatically rolls back the guy’s database to the latest backup, and sends a reply: “No worries mate, be careful next time.”

With another script called hangover, he automatically fired off an email excuse like “not feeling well, working from home,” adding a random “reason” from another predefined array of strings if he wasn’t at work and logged in to the servers by 8:45 a.m.

Well if you guys thought these were the best he could come up with, let me give you my favorite.

He wrote a script that waits exactly 17 seconds then hacks into the coffee-machine, which the employee had no idea was on network and hackable, and order’s it to starts brewing a mid-sized half-caf latte. Then wait for another 24 seconds before pouring it into a cup. The exact time it takes take’s the guy to walk to the machine from his desk.