How Netflix and Hulu Look Like in Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality has a very bright future ahead. Two major video content providers, Netflix and Hulu announced plans to launch Virtual Reality apps. Initially, the content would not be in 3D unfortunately. In other words, they are sticking with 2D content in VR as well. This means you will not be sitting inside the movies or shows when watching them in VR. Instead, VR would simply provide a virtual theater with a screen in it where the content will be displayed. The virtual theater could be anywhere you like such as an expensive house or a beach. Here are some photos how Netflix and Hulu might look like when watching in VR.

1) Netflix in Virtual Reality

You see a big TV with comfy sofas.



Explanation of how the system works.



A shot of the living room



Looks decent for 2D



A shot of the living room from another angle




2) Hulu In Virtual Reality

Shot of the menu



Walls have posters for Hulu’s content