10 Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer

Why should you date an Engineer? Here is why:

#1 You will experience a new type of flirting.

#2 Nothing would be broken around the house.

#3 Like staying up late at night? No problem, Engineers are good at pulling all-nighters.

#4 They are very good at planning. You can simply relax and wait for the next vacation with him. It will be well-planned.



#5 Conflicts will be handled in a calm and logical manner. Thanks to college.

reasons why date an engineer

#6 You will finally learn what all those calculator buttons are for.


#7 No need to worry about other women in his office. There would hardly be any.

#8 Paying attention to details is not your thing? No problem, leave it up to him.

#9 They are made for long-term relationships. Four years (or more) of engineering was not possible without a commitment you know.


#10 Your parents will approve 🙂

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